Feeling Knowing, 2015

                                                          Mr Nobody, 2016


Humans Unite, 2016 

Wheatfield, 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Bring Me to Life, Drag Me to Hell, 2015

                                                                         FeelKnow, 2015

                            R. U Next, 2015                                                                                                                             Hello to all the Young Witches, 2014


                                                                            Not Quite Midnight, 2014

Upcoming / Current

Turf Projects billboard commission with Fungus Press, March 2017, Croydon



Mr Nobody, solo, Phoenix, Leicester
Terraformers, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

Facebook Residency, online residency
  Info-Pura, The Residence Gallery, London
Humans Unite, solo, Public Exhibitions, London
Difference and Repetition, Foothold, Bari
The Bathhouse Show, SpaceSpace Gallery, Tokyo


Wouldn't it be really good..., DVD IS DEAD, online
Feeling Knowing, #Post2, La Scatola Gallery, online
A British Art Show, Meyohas, New York
Stay Gold, w/Millington | Marriott, The Others, Turin
 Business As Usual, Turf Projects, Croydon
Medieval Helpdesk, International Medieval Congress, Leeds
ASGSABA, Space Space Gallery, Tokyo
Pranks, solo, A COTE DU 69, Nantes


Art Licks X V&A Lates, w/MilMa, V&A Museum, London
Poppositions Pt.2, MilMa, London
Too Much, Two Queens, Leicester
Fezada, ACAVA Central Space, London
Poppositions, w/Millington Marriott, Dexia Art Centre, Brussels
Desktop Residency, 23.01.14 - 11.02.14, online


Conversation #1, Millington | Marriott at Weekends, London
An Arrangement in White, XO Gallery, Leeds
Golden Sunrise, PAMI Festival, London
Horror House, Xero, Kline & Coma, London
Take Me Out w/ Limoncello Gallery at Art Projects, London Art Fair, London


CAVE Art Fair, Baltic Creative, Liverpool
Likeable, Supercollider Contemporary Arts, Blackpool
A Modern Myth ..., Two Queens, Leicester
Co/Lab Art Platform, w/ the IJV, Los Angeles
Glamourie, PSL [Project Space Leeds], Leeds
Beneath This Stone, solo, The Institute of Jamais Vu, London


Change the World or Go Home, Down Stairs, Hereford
Summer Fayre, w/ Permanent Gallery, Outpost, Norwich
A Cabin is Burning, solo show, Permanent Gallery, Brighton


Profile: Kitty Clark, Art Monthly Issue 399
Info-Pura reviewed, AQNB
Medieval Helpdesk interview, Doggerland
Humans Unite Interview, 1883 Magazine
New Scum, DaThirst magazine issue #4
  A British Art Show Reviewed, AQNB
Broken Tombs, Leaning Brooms, Aorist issue #1
  Medieval Helpdesk Review, Corridor8
There's Something in the Fire, Art Licks issue #14
  New British Artists, Huffington Post
Symbol Issue 1, Symbol Paper for New Art
September Issue, A-N Magazine
Mould Map Issue 1, Landfill Editions
Act 2 (limited edition), Cluster Arts Magazine